Regulations and Standards Management (RSM)

What is Regulations and Standards Management?
Regulations and Standards Management (RSM) is an industry-leading database for consumer product regulations and mandatory standards offered as one of the Bureau Veritas Knowledge Products. This new powerful tool, available on the OneSource™ platform, makes thousands of research hours available to you with the click of a button and provides regulatory information for regions all around the world based on product type. Information in the database is continually updated to provide you with timely and current requirements. Customized access allows you to view only the countries and product categories you need. Powerful searching mechanisms allow you to further analyze the requirements that exist in the system.

1) What type of information is contained in RSM?

Currently, RSM contains regulations and mandatory standards for more than 75 countries for a variety of consumer products including but not limited to toys, apparel, footwear, jewelry, and food contact articles.

2) I am interested in seeing how RSM works in order to determine if it’s a right fit for my information needs. Can I see or try the database before I subscribe?

Yes, live demonstrations of RSM are available on request. Also, we offer free 15 day trials of the system. Contact a Global Regulatory Specialist today for more information!

3) I currently have access to another module within OneSource. Can I use the same login to access RSM if I subscribe?

Yes! OneSource users can access all modules of the platform they are subscribed to with a single login. If you choose to subscribe to RSM, access rights to the database will simply be added to your existing OneSource account.

4) I’m not very skilled at searching databases. Do I need to be very “tech savvy” to use RSM?

No, RSM has been built to be user-friendly and support is always available for questions. With every subscription to RSM, Bureau Veritas offers a full training on how to use the database. RSM is designed to allow for both simple and advanced searching, depending on your preferences and information needs.